Red Wine:

Pinot Noir      Carry Out $14

Dense flavors of blackberry and cherry finishing in an earthy twist of mushroom and oak.

Red Blend       Carry Out $14

A blended bouquet of ripe blackberries, strawberries, and sweet caramel with hints of spicy vanilla.

Cabernet Sauvignon      Carry Out $14

Intense aromas of black currant, plum and fig with hints of vanilla and pipe tobacco.

Malbec       Carry Out $16

Saucy aromas of red plum and tomato are fresh on the palate with slightly salty berry flavors making it mildly spicy.

Zinfandel        Carry Out $16

Dark berry, red raspberry, strawberry, and cranberry, framed by a hint of warm, woodsy spice.

Merlot        Carry Out $14

Intriguing nuances of dark chocolate and dried cherries layer the ripe plum and blackberry notes with hints of black fig and licorice.

Chianti Superiore       Carry Out $16

A fruit-forward bouquet with some floral notes. Round and well balanced with black cherry flavors and hints of spice.

White Wine:

Pinot Grigio      Carry Out $14

A bouquet of melon, citrus, pear, and flinty mineral notes with honeydew has a subtle, clean finish.

Sauvignon Blanc         Carry Out $14

Dry and crisp with aromas led by cut grass scent followed by green melon, orange and pear. Jasmine and other floral notes add interest.

Chardonnay        Carry Out $16

Pineapple, mango and papaya with citrus notes intertwined with vanilla and honey for depth and balance.